Where golfers come to make better contact, fix their slice, and play more consistent and confident golf.

Hear What They Have To Say

Take your game from the range to the course and learn how to perform under pressure.


The great news is that because not everyone has the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to spend on their golf game I'm here to help learn quicker (and save you LOADS of money and time along the way).


I've interviewed dozens of the best golf instructors from around the world and put together a series of their best practices to help you improve quickly.  Their best stuff all revolved around these same two principles: practice and process.


This is exactly where I would start with a new student on a playing lesson that would cost $200 - except you get access to that lesson, and about 40 more with a 30 day money back guarantee!


Playing better golf boils down to two things... your practice and your process.


  • If you're tired of having one great nine and one garbage nine you need to do this...
  • If you don't have a specific practice plan you won't see consistent improvement.
  • You'll struggle.
  • If you don't follow the right process...
  • You'll have blow up holes that will tank your round.
  • You'll waste COUNTLESS hours on the driving range making the problem WORSE instead of better.
  • The best you can hope for is to catch lightning in a bottle...


I'm Marty Griffin and I've done 100s of hours of interviews with some of the best golf instructors in the world.

So when I say there's truly a "PROCESS" for golfers to improve quickly (regardless of handicap), I speak from the experience of dozens of PGA pros.

These key concepts are so simple that you'll want to slap yourself after hearing it.

It will be so clear once you hear it you'll probably wonder why you haven't heard of more golf coaches teaching this way.

After learning this method a lot of players tell me their practices are more focused and they're able to FINALLY take their game from the range to the course!

What Students are Saying

Dr. Michael Gorman shoots his best two rounds BACK TO BACK after only 1 month in the program!


Jeremy takes his game to a new level and shoots his first sub 40 round after struggling to shoot in the 90s at the beginning of the season.


Matt goes LOW in league with a round of even par.


Do you Want to Experience Success Like These Students?

Absolutely!  Those two results are actually tied to a similar problem.  I'll help you build a solid swing that has a consistent low point so you can quit topping (and chunking) shots.

Heck yeah!  Golf isn't about who hits the best good shot, it's about who hits the best BAD shot. 

This is the crux of our Game Day Game Plan section that teaches you how to plan against those big blow up holes with some basic decision making.

Oh boy, there's a lot (over 40) and it keeps growing.  I have a pretty hefty rolodex of PGA professionals that I talk with on a regular basis and I work with them to develop bonus lessons and content that's only available to members (it's not even shared on the podcast!)

Breaking 90 Blueprint

Designed to help higher handicap golfers fix their bad swing habits (and their slice) so they can make more consistent solid contact.  In this program I also help you develop a reliable pre-shot routine that you can count on under pressure as well as a solid plan on how to play par 3s, 4s, and 5s so you don't have nearly as many blow up holes. But wait, there's more!

Breaking 80 Blueprint

Designed for more skilled golfers as they progress towards that ever elusive score of 79 (and lower)!  Here you'll find a custom series of practices that will help you sharpen all facets of your game working backwards from the cup to the tee.  This teaches you how to play your best when you're under pressure.  We also take a deeper dive into the mental game so you can play well even when your swing isn't at it's best.


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