Do you want to fix your slice and hit more solid shots in as little as 2 weeks?


What if you could Change Your Game by only practicing 20 minutes at a time?

Are you a beginner golfer who's trying to improve?  Do you go to the driving range for hours but never see your scores change? I've seen this with dozens of students.  They practice all day but never see any real progress.  It's either hot out of the gates and they collapse on the back, or it takes them several holes to get warmed up before they actually start scoring. 


This is nearly universal for higher handicap golfers, but it doesn't have to be IF you know the right order to build your game!

I've had hundreds of discussions with PGA professionals from around the world to make this course.  The thing is, we didn't stop there, we tested it.  We put 100s of golfers through this process and they had MASSIVE improvement!

Are you ready to change your game?

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Who is Marty Griffin and what is Breaking 90 Blueprint?

Hey There!

I'm Marty Griffin, and to be clear, I am NOT a PGA professional.  I have, however, been playing golf for 25 years and for over the last 20 years I've been playing as a low single digit handicap.

I started my golf journey as a kid and spent my summers playing golf for 16 hours a day at my local municipal course.  My parents would drop me off a little before 6am during the week and I would hit balls, practice short game, and play golf until they got off of work.  That's when my Dad would come out and go over my stats from the day and work on my low points until dark. EVERY DAY.  On the Weekends I would take lessons and, you guessed it, practice.

I've been helping a small pool of students in person to play better golf for over 10 years, but I didn't have the time to help more people.  So I decided to start a podcast and in 2014 Golf Strategy School was born.  I spent the first year interviewing some of the best golf coaches from around the world and drilling down into how they help their students achieve success quickly.


Now, the podcast is one of the most popular golf instructional podcasts consistently getting over 15,000 downloads per month in over 100 countries around the world!  We've heard comments from listeners all over saying how these simple practices have allowed them to make huge jumps in their game.  They've experienced the success and are now enjoying the game on a whole new level.

I don't want you to spend the thousands of dollars over years and years that I did to learn about the game.  

For less than half the cost of a new driver you can get unlimited access to The Breaking 90 Blueprint, and start experiencing the consistent and confident golf you've always wanted to play.

It's possible, but only if you start your Journey!

What are the Benefits?

Training Courses & Resources!
We've broken the game down into specific key steps.  Inside each step we analyze the best strategies, practice plans, and why they work.  These are the proven practices that 100s of golfers have used to experience rapid improvement.  We have all the training you need to master your fundamentals and transform your game!

You'll Learn:

  • What Causes a Slice
  • Why the Low Point of Your Swing is so Important
  • How to Play Smarter Golf
  • Become Fearless Over Short Putts
  • How to Get Effortless Power
  • Perform Under Pressure
  • Eliminate 3 Putts
  • And more!

You can ask questions any time of day, 24/7, 365 days a year!

I encourage our community to be very active.  The more you converse, the more of a benefit you get!  I personally hang out and answer questions to help motivate, inspire, and help our members take their next steps!  Each section allows you to post comments and questions which I answer for you.

No more watching endless tips and drills HOPING for a Solution...

It took dozens of years of practice and tens of thousands of dollars of instruction for me to develop my skill.  I've taken my experiences and refined them with the help of dozens top coaches, sports psychologists, and golfers to test them out.


A tested systematic process is the fastest way to improvement.  The problem most players have is they try to self diagnose their problems by watching 50 different YouTube videos from 10 different instructors who had 6 teaching methods!

Once they THINK they know what to do, they just go to the range and hit balls until the starter calls their name.  If you want to make this rapid improvement this instructional series and on course strategies are the proven way to do it.

Not only that, but once you become a member you'll be able to directly ask me questions in our community!


Real People Are Getting Real Results!

Benjamin Lavin

Hi Marty,

I just wanted to thank you personally for all of your help with your podcast that you brought me. I discovered your podcast about 2 weeks ago and listen to almost every one of them. Within this 2 weeks I have dropped my score by 10 shots going by shooting over a 100 to bellow a 100!!!

Once again thank you so much for what you are doing.

Zach Eades


Just wanted to say I focused (when weather permitted here in Midwest USA.) primarily on hitting the shot to put me in prime position for the next one and focusing on pre shot routine to make sure I was 100% committed for the upcoming shot the past two weeks. I ended up winning my club opening day singles event today.

Gary Shroyer


Short follow up to yesterday's note: Tough, very fast greens (described by pro shop as "getting scary").  Made 9 of 11 in the 3-6 feet range, with one bad stroke.  

The drills were easily worth six strokes yesterday.

I'm a believer.   Thanks for the program!

I still get up every morning looking forward to helping golfers from around the world change their game.  It's an amazing feeling to get messages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and email saying how these practice programs have given people success they haven't seen in years!

Dr. Mike Gorman shares his experience with the Breaking 90 Blueprint

Emails like this are just as exciting for me as they are for the people who put the lessons in action.  Some people question if you can get better even if your coach can't see your swing.  The answer is yes.  THEY JUST PLAIN WORK!

These lessons come from over 5 years of research with some of the best coaches in the world including:

I believe you should always research and vet anyone selling anything online.  So check it out!  Feel free to go through our 100+ podcast episodes and hear these teachers talk about the success they've experienced with their students.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see your scores start dropping after 30 days, if you just don't have the time to use it, even if you just don't like my face, just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.  There's literally ZERO risk.

Sounds Good, I'm In!

Even the pros are putting these plans into action!

"As a PGA Professional I am always looking for actionable advice to help my players PLAY BETTER GOLF. That's what I found with Marty. I shared his piece about finding your Hot Zone with a group of students, and had one golfer record a 12 stroke improvement over the previous week. When I asked him what he credited for such a drastic improvement he cited using the strategy Marty provided to put himself in better places off the tee. Great work Marty, keep the information coming!"

Josh Boggs
PGA Professional

"Marty has a great passion to share his experiences as well as golf professionals to enhance the everyman golfer's experience with the great game. He is passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in providing this service. Just listen to him and his passion becomes contagious. He will make you want to go play more golf and that's a good thing!"

Scott Robbins
PGA Instructor, GRAA Top 50 Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I don't have a slice, will this still help my swing?

Absolutely!​  The first thing I cover is ball flight laws in relation to the club face and path.  This helps you gain the understanding to make your own adjustments down the line.  We also have a community section that will allow you to ask any questions you have along the way as well as see questions other people have asked!

I've got a full-time job and a family. Do I have time to do this?

I understand. I have a full-time job, and two young daughters. On top of that, I run a golf league, produce the podcast, and have tons of personal commitments.

I leave the house at 6:30am and come back at 5pm. You have to remember, everyone has the same amount of time. We all have 168 hours in each week! All successful people have the same amount of hours to get stuff done.  How you choose to spend your hours is up to you.

The Breaking 90 Blueprint is broken down into small bite sized lessons that take very little time to watch and that don't need a driving range!  If you can find 20-30 minutes to work on your game you can do these lessons.

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