Golf Fitness Fact or Crap

fitness interview May 07, 2022

Have you ever wanted to know if the work your putting into your game is worth it or not?  Maybe it's a training aid that your looking to buy but you're not sure if it's actually something beneficial or a bunch of fancy marketing.  Chris Finn from Par 4 Success is here to talk about just that!

Chris is a Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Instructor and is also certified through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).  He had an interesting beginning to his journey in golf fitness and now has a flourishing business in Morrisville North Carolina. 

In this episode we look at:

  • How Chris got his start as well as how Par 4 Success came to be
  • How to get going early in your season without hurting yourself
  • The truth behind one of my favorite swing aids (and former sponsor of the show!)
  • Whether fitness bands are all they're cracked up to be
  • How many metaphors two guys can think up for golf related issues 😂


The number one reason golfers experience pain from their play is from over use.  So be careful when you're doing extensive training. 


Impactful Research

SuperSpeed Golf used to have a 100 swing protocol until they worked with Par 4 Success and determined that you could get the same benefit from one third of the swings.  Since then, SuperSpeed has adapted several of the recommendations into their new protocols.  Statistically speaking the medium club is the one that is doing the most work for you.  If you only go heavy (or only go light) you get SLOWER!  If you only do the middle weighted stick, you will see the biggest benefit with the smallest effort.

Non-dominant swings are all the rage right now, but what does the science say about it?  Chris is tackling exactly that right now so stay tuned with Par 4 Success to find out more!

How about exercise bands? Well... in Chris' study bands and cables didn't perform any better than the control group.  What worked the best? An eccentric flywheel machine that creates an overload on the way back.

Another common myth was rotational throws with medicine balls.  They split it into two groups: rotational throws and upper body push power/lower body vertical explosive training.

Which one do you think showed the biggest gains?  It was the push power/vertical explosiveness.  Chris and his team have parted that out even further to test what works best for kids vs adults too.  All of his results are posted for free on his website at:


How to Catch a Phony Product

If you're wondering how to tell if a product you have seen is worth trying out Chris recommends looking to see if it has some type of assessment. Something that allows you to determine what you need.  The other thing to keep in mind is your mobility.  If you don't have good mobility in your four main rotary centers (hips, shoulders, spine, and neck) you may be setting yourself up for an injury!


Avoid Early Season Injuries

If it's early in your season here's how you can avoid early injuries.  Check for brick walls and brakes.  Do you have the ability to rotate in your four major rotary centers?  If so, then you're probably good to get started, you've avoided the brick walls.  If you're strength and power numbers are low but your club head speed is high, you might be inviting injury because your brakes aren't that good.

Lastly, Chris was even nice enough to put together a free assessment just for our audience.  You can find that, and see where you rank, at


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