What YOU Can Learn From the US Open

short game us open Jun 23, 2022

Well, the US Open just ended and let's talk about that final round and some takeaways that you can put in place to your game that will drastically help your scores.  Trust me, the play was great and there's two key takeaways that you can apply to your game now.  Let's talk about it.

All right. So we saw some really, really fun down the stretch golf! Even the players that weren't truly in contention (that would've required a collapse from the top) even still kind of came in at the end. We had three past major champions who were in the hunt and they were hunting! It didn't turn out for any of them, but the back and forth between Will Zalatoris, Matthew Fitzpatrick and Scottie Scheffler... that was amazing!

The thing that stuck out to me was really two parts, and these are two parts that you can immediately start working into your game. It is the intermediate putting and the depth of green target selection (where they're trying to land the ball)....

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